Called with a Purpose


It is really easy to loose sight of our purpose at times, it is easy to shift our gaze just slightly to that to do list, the endless tasks, messes and forget that there is a greater purpose behind it. I find myself struggling at times to keep my gaze fixed, I am easily distracted by bright colors and my nagging list of things to do. How about you?

There are days when I am working, taking care of my kiddos, or taking care of my home and I cannot help but question myself…Will this matter? Does this even have purpose? Friend let me just tell you that those questions are straight from satan himself. Whether you are working a full time job, a full time super mama, ministry leader, artist, nurse, or waitress…God has called you with a purpose! While sometimes we may loose sight of that,  God will pull us back and remind us that He has brought us right where we are with a purpose.

There is a meaning to the endless amounts of work stacked on your desk, the piles of laundry, and precious faces to wipe clean. You have an incredible purpose friend, a beautiful God given purpose.  Our days may not be glamorous and the work at times can be extremely tiring and hard…but God is using it…all of it. So let’s pull up our boots straps and be reminded how much God loves us, and that He has called us with a purpose.

What’s coming? {Spring/Summer 2016}

Spring_Summer 2016.jpg

Hello Friends!

I wanted to take some time to give an update and build some excitement about what God has been doing! Spring is in full bloom with warmer weather, flowers and plenty of sunshine, I have come to love spring and all of the newness that God brings forth for us in this season. Just like the actual season, God has been doing incredible things within this ministry. We are seeing women grow in God’s Word and in their relationships with Christ and it is truly beautiful. I am so humbled and blessed to be able to share with women in workshops, Bible studies, Instagram and right here. I love getting to interact and talk with so many incredible women who desire to grow, who are hungering for the the nourishment of God’s Word and a relationship with Christ.

Over the next few months there will be a few changes; updated website, new studies, and new events among other things. {Side note: If you would like for me to come speak to your Bible study group, retreat or Bible Journaling event, please contact me using the contact tab above.}

The first thing you might notice is a website update…Within the next two weeks the website is going to get a bit of an update with updated logos (see below), new photos, new menu options…just to name a few. Don’t worry I promise you will love it!


Next up, over the next few months we will be releasing new devotional/Bible Study booklets to help you as you study God’s Word. I am so excited about each of these and I cannot wait to share them with you. Don’t worry you will be hearing a lot more about these in the next few weeks as well!


Last but not least, we have a busy schedule the next few months but we are looking forward to a few events… (For all events planned check out my events page)renewedimage


She Speaks Conference

July 21-23, 2016

Concord, NC

{Day 40} Follow Me

This may be the closing of our 40 days through Lent but truly it is just the beginning. Just as Jesus’ death on the cross wasn’t the end of the story, this is not an ending for us. We must pick up what we have learned and take it with us as we move forward in our resurrected life with Christ.

Let’s look back on what we have learned in the last 40 days….

–          We talked about what it meant to follow Jesus, we met Matthew and a few other disciples, we also met Mary and Martha to name a few.

–          We talked about the power of studying God’s Word and the impact that it can have on our daily lives. Studying His Word impacts how we ‘follow Him.’

–          We faced the challenge of fasting and spending more time in prayer. {I don’t know what you chose to fast from but 40 days without meat has been a challenge in our home.}

–          We talked about the redemption of Christ, the price He paid, and the journey to the cross.

–          We saw incredible miracles performed, amazing things that only God himself could do, and saw that there were things Jesus needed that we also need. {cough, cough…time alone with God}

We have traveled through so much scripture in these last 40 days…each piece falls into place as we seek to follow after Christ. Through study, fasting and prayer the goal and purpose of this lent journey was to bring us closer to Christ, to strengthen and build our relationship with Him. Have you been able to do that in these last 40 days? What have you taken away from Lent?

Wherever you are today, take time to remember what you have taken from these last 40 days if you have whole heartedly sought to draw closer to God. Take time to be reminded of Jesus’ death on the cross on that good Friday over 2,000 years ago. God’s love for you is incredible my friend. His love is faithful, unending, with arms stretched out on a cross for you and for me. Happy Easter my Friend, thank you for spending these last 40 days studying God’s Word with me and seeking to draw deeper. “By His wounds, we are healed…” Isaiah 53:5

{Day 39} Go


{Matthew 28:16-20}

I can’t believe that it is nearing the end of Lent already and the 40 days of seeking to draw closer to Jesus. It wasn’t about religion or ritual it was about growing deeper in the relationship that we have with Jesus. The purpose behind what we say and do matters, if our purpose is to just participate in Bible study then we will never draw anything from it, but if our purpose is to draw deeply from the well of His Word then we will leave changed and transformed.

Our day to day lives get wrapped up in what is happening around us, what people are saying or doing and we take our eyes off of that is important. We lose sight of our purpose; our purpose isn’t to rely on the world view, the harsh words of someone else, or the behavior of others. Our purpose is determined by Jesus Himself and a command that He clearly gives for us to do.

On the third day after Jesus was crucified, God raised Him from the dead and scripture tells us that he appeared to many in that time after He was resurrected. Many people saw Jesus and heard His words before He ascended. Jesus left them with these verses at the end of Matthew, He didn’t just leave them…He left them with work to be done. He didn’t leave them to figure it out on their own, He sent the Holy Spirit. He didn’t leave them to argue and divide each other, He left them to work together with a common goal and purpose in mind. Think about the application that this makes for us in our lives, with the people in our lives. We have a job to be done given by Christ, He tells the disciples sitting on the mountain side that day to “go and make disciples.” He didn’t give conditions about who they were to make disciples, they didn’t need to have a certain about of money or status, they didn’t need to dress a certain way or speak a specific language, they didn’t need to be approved by the disciples of whether or not they liked them. Jesus gave two directions to go and to make disciples, Jesus even went a step further to make sure they knew that the door was open to anyone because He said “make disciples of all nations.”

This verse applies to you and I too, the great commission, the job that Jesus has for us to do. As we exit the season of Easter and the resurrection we have to remember that there is work to be done now just as there was then in the days when Jesus walked on Earth. We have a job to do, we have people around us who need to hear about Jesus, they need to hear that they are loved and there is a God who loves them so incredibly. It’s time for us to stop acting like the world and to start living the commission that we have been given as disciples of Christ ourselves…to go and make more disciples.

{Day 38} Raised to New Life

{Luke 24: 1-12, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Romans 6:4}

When Christ was resurrected to new life, We were raised to new life with Him.

As women we spend a lot of time trying to make our selves look better, we spend a lot of money on nice clothes and new hair…we buy name brand make up in hopes to cover what was originally there. We pick up fancy diet plans and pills in order to feel better about what stares back at us in the mirror each morning. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say I am creating a new me, I am reinventing myself.

Did you know that all those things are well and good but will still leave you feeling empty? They won’t truly reinvent you like you think they will. The only one who can truly change us is Christ. Trust me on this.

I tried many times to be “better” on my own, I wanted there to be a new me. I spent countless hours and time trying new hair  styles, clothes, new make up and sometimes even trying new friends but it never changed me. I was still there. Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again to give us new life. You see when Christ changes us, He changes the inside…that is the place that is lacking all along without Christ. When we have Christ on the inside, we have new life in Him.

2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us that in Christ we are a new creation, the old self is gone and a new is here to stay. In Christ we are raised to new life.


{Day 37} Without the Cross

{Colossians 1:22, 1 Corinthians 1:17-18, Acts 2:23-24}

“Without the cross, I would not know redeeming love that floods my soul. Without the blood where would I be? I would be lost, without the cross.”

My husband stood up Sunday morning and sang this beautiful song and it was a message that I could not get away from and knew that at some point during this Passion Week leading up to Easter that this would become a writing topic for us right here as we begin to wrap up Lent.

Despite our greatest efforts on our own we are lost without the cross of Christ, spiritually we will always been seeking and searching for a direction without the cross. Without the cross we would have no hope, no peace and no comfort. We would be drifting, we would be lost. The shepherd doesn’t just let his sheep wonder off without finding them and bringing them back to keep them from being lost. Christ in order to keep His sheep from being lost had to use the cross to accomplish His plan. The cross was necessary for our redemption, it was purposeful for our rescue…but God didn’t leave Jesus there on the cross, He raised Him from the dead on the third day, God raised Him to life. God raised us to life with Him. The cross frees us, restores us, and resurrects us with Christ. As children of God when we accept Him, when we give our lives to Him, when we surrender with every ounce of ourselves to a mighty and powerful God whose loves flows beyond anything we can comprehend, then the cross changes us.

Easter is so much more than a pretty new dress or fancy meal, it is a celebration of the cross, it is the celebration of new life, resurrection, and the incredible love of God. Sunday night one of our Pastors said “the resurrection is vital to us as Christians but it is also important to remember the cross, to remember His death…without His death, resurrection would not be needed.” His death paid the price and His resurrection proved He is God. We would be lost, without the cross.

{Day 36} Risen

{Matthew 27:62- 28:7}

A protected tomb, a heavy stone rolled in front of the entrance, guarded by soldiers…

Certain that the disciples would try to steal the body of Jesus, Pilate believed that it was necessary for the tomb to be protected. Little did Pilate know that no amount of soldiers, or heavy stones could keep God from raising His son on that third day. Though the guards stood by the tomb something was already happening that they had no control over, there was no amount of protection that could keep Jesus in that tomb. You see, Jesus is exactly who He said He is…and the grave was no match for the power of Christ.

Verse 2 says “there was an earthquake and an angel of the Lord came down and rolled back the stone and sat on it.” Not so Jesus could get out, but so that others could see, He had risen just as He said He would.

The resurrection is key to what we believe as children of God…and I believe it was no mistake that Mary Magdalene was the one who came to the tomb first. He didn’t come for the well, He came for the sick. He came for our redemption, He came for the lost and the broken. Mary was lost and so very broken until she encountered Jesus, and then her life was never the same. We are just like Mary, we are lost and incredibly broken until we encounter Jesus personally and then our lives are changed. The resurrection changed everything…it completed the mission that Jesus was sent for. He rescued us once and for all.